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Grower Benefits

Western Nut Company growers enjoy all the benefits that are delivered through partnering with a firm that has many years of experience in the almond industry and a loyal customer base. Additionally, we utilize a personalized marketing program that allows us to offer our growers one of the most flexible payment options in the industry, today.

Other important advantages for growers include our precise inventory management and our policy to allow producers to retain legal title to their crop until it is shipped to the customer. Western Nut Company does not co-mingle grower deliveries and we can fully capture the value of quality and kernel size, allowing us to reward each grower for the unique attributes of their crop. Our commitment to maintaining a low overhead and highly efficient marketing system translates to higher margins for our grower partners.

To sum it up, Western Nut Company offers growers an unparalleled reputation, ability, efficiency and security.

If you are interested in becoming a Western Nut Company Grower Please contact Todd Meyer at 530 893 2300 or